Two side Labeling Machine for carton boxes (first opening control) — ROLS-CY1300SL (Taiwan)




  • This machine is built in line with the upstream packaging machine.
  • Size of seals (labels): ø15mm, ø20mm, ø25mm
  • Control system: PLC (Panasonic, Japan)
  • Control panel: 7”, color touch screen (Omron, Japan)
  • System functions: label counting, warning about small residual of labels, warning about tape breaking, position and product quantity
  • Product sensor: SICK (Germany), for product length determination and for automatic positioning.
  • Label sensor: SICK (Germany), to determine label length and peel length.
  • Motor/controller:

— Conveyor: LUYANG (Taiwan) / inverter YASKAWA (Japan)

— Head: servomotor YASKAWA (Japan) / controller U.S.A. Parker

— Clamp: motor LUYANG (Taiwan)

Power supply resource: 220V — 1,5 kW – 10А, 50/60 Hz


Example of seals location on the pack

Technical characteristics:


Machine overall sizes

(L х W х H):

2145 х 1250 х 1600 mm
Main frame: Stainless steel SUS340 with anodizing
Conveyor type: PU belt with water-resisting surface
Feed direction: From left to right / From right to left (please option direction)
Capacity: 200 boxes/min
Label size: Length: 20-50mm

Height: 10-40mm (including substrate)

Box size (L х W х H): 75-140 х 35-80 х 30-55 mm
Reel size (with labels): Outer Ø: 350mm

Inner Ø: 75mm

Labelling heads: 2 sets
Clamp mechanism: 1 set for product stabilization and for motion synchronization
Roller mechanism: 2 sets for accurate  label application and folding
Accuracy: ± 1,0 – 1,2 mm (depending on product)


Option Description Picture
1. Label availability sensor KEYENCE
  • Model: AI-H050 with cables
  • Bracket (1 set)
  • Detect area: from 4х4 mm to 16х16mm
  • Can detect the absence of transparent and opaque labels.

This machine requires 2 pieces. (for each side)

2. Rejection device
  • Label sensor SICK (1 set)
  • Cylinder (1 set)
  • Rejection unit (1 set)
3. Transparent label sensor
  • Model: LION LRD2100
  • For transparent labels