Automatic Ampoule Wrap-around Labeling Machine Model: ROLS-300 A

  • Capacity up to 300 ampoules per minute
  • Possibility to apply self-adhesive labels on ampoules, vials and cartridges.
  • System of Automatic Set
  • Possibility to adjust the parameters manually
  • Possibility to store 100 recipes in memory
  • Labeling accuracy  ±0,5 mm (On ampoules with regular geometry)
  • Vertical roller conveyor with height adjustment
  • Ability to use cassettes of various diameter
  • Label quantity control  (on a reel)
  • Alarm system (with message on the screen)
  • 4-level password system
  • Automatic rejection: farmcode, QR code, availability / print

System of Automatic Set (SAS)

  • Measures length of label, diameter of container to synchronize all moving parts: conveyor, separator, applicator, belt
  • Auto synchronization of all moving parts when changing the conveyer speed.


  • Hot printer
  • Pharma code control 1D, 2D and quality control system of variable data application
  • Automatic rejection system
  • Loading and unloading tables/trays

Technical characteristics of the labeling machine:

Label size H 14-115 mm, L 14-90 mm
Power 220V 50Hz 1phase 1.5kW
Compressed air (with printer or rejection unit): 6 bar 50 Nl/min
Dimensions LхWхH: 2800mm х 1400mm х 1700 mm
Weight: 370 kg