Автоматическая линия сериализации и агрегации лекарственных препаратов TRACK&TRACE


The line is intended for automatic serialization and aggregation of carton boxes and is installed after the packaging machine.
The serialization machine is a conveyor system where the necessary information (GTIN, individual package number, TN VED code, series number, expiration date) is applied to an individual package in the form of Data Matrix ЕСС200.
Following the printer, a serialization camera is installed to control the quality of the information application. All packs with poorly applied information are removed from the conveyor with a rejection device.
Next, the packs arrive at the group packaging table, where the operator performs the layer-by-layer pre-packing of the packages into the box and the layer-by-layer aggregation of the box in the specialized ROLS-AG machine. The operator uses the machine to remove each layer of packages.

After the box is filled, the printer issues a label on the box and the information about this box will be transferred to the database.
Pallet aggregation is made with a hand scanner. Information about the contents of the pallet is also entered into the database of the series, and the program forms and issues a group label on the pallet.
This solution is fully adapted to the Russian legislation, including work with 2D codes with cryptographic protection, as well as with an emission recorder.


черновик ТТ automat Rols 250

Technical characteristics of ROLS-S:

Working capacity Up to 200 pcs/minute
Min.pack size (LхWхH) 60х50х20
Max.pack size (LхWхH) 220х120х80
Electricity 220V, 50Hz, 10А
Compressed air Not less than 6 Bar
Overall sizes (mm) 750х1331х1900


Additional characteristics of  ROLS-S:

  • Minimum size of  2D-code DataMatrix = 12х12mm
  • Print and control of human readable information
  • Quality control of 2D-code  in the process of serialization
  • Rejection unit
  • Product sampling function
  • Uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS)

Technical characteristics of ROLS-AG :

Working capacity Up to 200 pcs/minute
Max.size of the pack with 1 camera (LxWxH) 450х350х400mm
Max.size of the pack with 2 cameras (LxWxH) 600х400х400mm
Electricity 220V, 50Hz, 16А
Overall sizes (mm) 1600 х 1150 х 2300


Additional characteristics of  ROLS-AG:

  • Minimum size of  2D-code DataMatrix = 12х12mm
  • Uninterrupted power supply unit (UPS)


Quality class of 2D-code is confirmed INDEPENDANTLY with the help of stationary code verifier (COGNEX company).


DataMan®8070 series verifiers are equipped with powerful backlights, advanced gradation algorithms, a high-speed processor and a high-resolution camera for capturing and evaluating the quality class (grade) of printed 2D codes.
In comparison with other industrial verifiers, DataMan®8070 offers greater flexibility in use (manual or using a stand) and speed of verification.


▪ Field of view 27 x 20 mm.
▪ The thickness of the minimum code element is -6.0 mil (0.15 mm).
▪ High-speed processor.
▪ Sensor 1.2 Mp.


The program has a modular design. All modules are combined into a common Ethernet network due to TCP / IP protocol.
Product labeling information is stored in a local database on an industrial computer.